The process of planning a wedding or event is a BIG DEAL and we often get asked, What’s next? or What do we do now? So we have created this overview to help with expectations and just general curiosity.

First thing’s first…when you contact us, we love to have as much information as possible. Please have your venue, general guest count, an idea of basic colors and a general idea or theme of what you like. A Pinterest Board for overall floral and design is a great idea and gives us a really good sense of the direction to go in. As intrusive as it may feel at first…having the money talk and sharing the budget for your floral and decor is ideal. Don’t fret, We can do any size event. Smaller simplistic designs or grand over the moon concepts but your budget needs to be in line and realistic for your ideas. We can chat and help you with this…

Then, ideally we meet and have a consultation. We show you all our inventory and images of events we’ve done in the past, so you will have a very compressive idea of what you are getting. The ideas start to flow and the event really starts to take shape with a real feeling of atmosphere and design. It’s alright if you can’t meet right away, we can always start with a basic email quote…

Now, the revision process starts. We email adjustments in the proposal, to get it to where you are confident in the general design and budget, and you send a retainer payment to save your date. Later adjustments can be made, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect yet.  Along the journey, we fine tune your design, quantity and any other adjustments. We will see you again at a mock up appointment, a contract review, or on your wedding day. Final payments are made 1 month before your event. You can still add items past this point, just no deleting please : )

Our timeline… we like to be prepared for anything and everything. 20 plus years of doing events has taught us this, and a stress free wedding and wedding team is the best! So we plan ahead, a month before your event, final payment is due and we buy all our supplies and vases and candles, everything we my need or need to order and have shipped with plenty of room for delays. At this time, We also call in your floral order to verify that all types and quantities of flowers in your colors and varieties are available and can be shipped from all around the world specifically for you.

 Our real work… begins a few days before your wedding. Our team of floral designers are hard at work making all the elements to make your custom event wonderful. The morning of your event The JCF team loads all the items into the trucks and vans, and off we go! We deliver, set up your event, transfer items and come back to break it all back down and clean up. Like magic, a perfect day!

Watch Our Instagram STORIES for a true behind the Scenes : )


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